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Jackie Chan faces Liu Ye in “Police Story 2013”

LIU Ye and JACKIE Chan

LIU Ye and JACKIE Chan

Jackie Chan returns to the big screen in the non-stop action film “Police Story 2013” with Liu Ye, Jing Tian, Guli Nazha and Zhou Xiao Ou. Directed by Ding Sheng, “Police Story 2013” is Chan’s reteaming with Sheng the sixth installment of the “Police Story” series. Their last venture together was the 2010 action film, “Little Big Soldier”. The film’s theme song, “Rescue,” features Chan on vocals, while famous Chinese musician Sun Nan took charge of its arrangement and harmonization.

In “Police Story 2013,” a small pub turns into the scene of a tense stand-off when the owner takes his patrons hostage — one of the hostages is Officer Zhong Wen (Jackie Chan), another is his daughter, Miaomiao (Jing Tian). The hostage taker (Liu Ye) demands that a notorious criminal be freed from prison in exchange for the lives of those in the pub.

“The audience is the only reason why I continue to make films,” said action superstar Jackie Chan at the Police Story 2013 Press conference in Kuala Lumpur recently. It can be remembered that Chan announced that “CZ12 (Chinese Zodiac 12)” would be his last action film. But the decision was faced with so much disapproval from Chan’s fans who like him to continue making films. “I love every process involved in making an action film. The itch to be on the set again is the reason why I have agreed to make Police Story 2013. I’ve decided to continue to make action films but it will not be as big as it used to,” he said.

“Detective Zhong Wen (the lead character) is very similar to me. Both of us are busy with our own agendas and our careers take priority over anything else. “In my personal life, I often put family aside and spend a lot of time on the film set. But again, that was many years ago,” said Chan in recent interviews of his character in the movie.

In the movie, Chan faces and deals with Wu Jiang (played by Liu Ye) who had been planning revenge for the death of his beloved sister, Xiaowei (played by Guli Nazha). Wu is a bar owner. After his parents’ divorce, he grew up in a foreign country. His appearance is gentle, but he has a forceful personality built by his varied life experience. After his father’s death, he had to survive on his own by being an underground boxer.

In these games where lives are at stake, he learns about life. After retiring from boxing he returns to China and locates his long-lost younger sister Xiaowei. He lavishes his love on her, and sees her as his hope and his emotional crutch. Xiaowei’s untimely death hit him extremely hard. For the next five years, he secretly plots and plans every detail of this kidnapping in order to understand what exactly had happened. At the risk of losing his business and his life, his intention is to exact revenge on the responsible party.

Watch Jackie Chan back in action when “Police Story 2013” opens January 22 in cinemas nationwide from Megavision, Inc.