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Ageless actors


by Ronald Constantino

FREDDIE WEBB – Yesterday, Highspeed wrote on seven pretty and sexy actresses: Dawn Zulueta, Lucy Torres, Lani Mercado, Carmina Villaroel, Charlene Gonzalez, Gretchen Barretto, and Ruffa Gutierrez. Mothers all.

Today is the turn of actors – in their 50s and beyond – who’ve maintained their handsome faces and trim physique.

Freddie Webb tops the list – still desirable at 70 something. Saw him once, twice, thrice and marveled at his trim body, putting to shame men 30 or 40 years younger than he is. But then the former senator used to be an athlete, basketball superstar of Letran and Yco.

He hosts a sports show on DZMM with Gretchen Fullido.

EDDIE Garcia
MORE AGELESS MEN – The two Eddies – Garcia and Gutierrez.

Garcia’s in his late ’80s, but look at his stamina. Much younger co-actors complain of overnight shooting and endless waiting on the set, but not Mr. Durable who says, “We’re paid to work and wait.”

EDDIE GutierrezGutierrez is in his early ’70s, but remains ever youthful, actually getting handsomer with the passing of years. No wonder wife Annabelle Rama is still “crazy” over him.

Another actor in his early 70s is Ronaldo Valdez – as appealing as ever. And he gets better and better… in the acting department.

Bosom buddies Christopher de Leon and Tirso Cruz III have maintained their looks… which can’t be said of many of their ’70s contemporaries. They are still much sought after onscreen, big and small.

Gabby ConcepcionGabby Concepcion turned 50 last November but it seems the years stopped when he turned 30. Yes, Gabby can pass for a 30-year-old.

Not to forget Albert Martinez also in his 50s. Albert is clean living.