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Sitti back to bossa nova


After going pop in her previous album, singer Sitti has returned to Bossa Nova for which she gained fame in the first place. This time, however, she wants to explore the genre more extensively not only for her sake but more for its Pinoy fans.

“I think that while my last album was received well by some, siguro narealize ko rin dun na alam mo yung mga tao…a lot of them want me to do covers in bossa nova fashion,” she said in an interview.

Sitti considers it as “coming full circle.” While the songs are primarily arranged in bossa nova fashion, there are touches of other genres she has explored too, thanks to album producer and arranger Marvin Querido. The covers are relatively newer songs, from the ‘90s to 2010 (e.g. “Sunday Morning” by Maroon 5, “Yellow” by Coldplay, “Lost Without You” by Robin Thicke).

As for the title, it’s what Sitti would often write whenever people ask her to autograph her past albums.

What is boss love?

“Nakakakilig yan! It’s the kind of love that wants the other to be happy and feel free (in the relationship).”

The singer knows the feeling being in a romantic relationship these days.

“May boyfriend po ako ngayon, masaya ang puso ko ngayon. Simple things make me smile like him calling me every night. I’m not more on the grandeur gifts kasi na bibigyan ako ng kung anu ano. Just being appreciated and being sought after, solve na ako.”

In line with the new album’s release is Sitti’s concert on Jan. 18 at Music Museum. Sitti will be performing songs off the album as well as her most famous hits and will be joined by guests MCA Music artists Nyoy Volante and Jett Pangan.

Asked if she worries that given the trend, some people may not be receptive to boss nova, the singer gave a sensible answer.

“Ang music, in any form, will always have an audience. I believe that kasi marami namang nanunuod sa mga gigs ko so kung takot or threatened or challenged ako na baka walang market ang bossa nova, hindi.”

It doesn’t mean, though, that Sitti won’t be exploring other genres in the future.

“But I think when I do that, it will be under a different name or in a different persona. I think I want to preserve Sitti as bossa nova. Kasi sayang if completely tanggalin ko yun. I believe parang ano siya eh, sementado na siya, brand na yun.” (Bhenj Agustin/