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Showbiz word of the year

JUSTIN Bieber Selfie

by Ronald Constantino

SHOWBIZ WORD — If “selfie” is the English word of the year, what is its equivalent in local showbiz lingo?

“Waley” right away comes to mind. “Waley” – from the Pilipino word “wala” – meaning none, nil, nada.

Use in a sentence: “Waley akong love life.” “Sayang, waley nangyari sa ‘Transit’ sa Oscars.”

First heard the word “waley” used by Cristy Fermin in her TV and radio shows.

NEXT TO ‘WALEY’ – Runner-up, in a manner of speaking, to “waley” is “havey,” from the English word “have” – meaning meron…or even panalo.

Use in a sentence: “Of course, havey sa box office sina Ryzza Mae at Bimby.” Asked Noel Ferrer if Ryan Agoncillo has new projects, the answer: “Havey, havey na havey.”

Heard that TV5 is offering Ryan to host a new “Talentadong Pinoy.” But to date, it’s neither “waley” nor “havey.”

DIDN’T CATCH UP – Along the same line, there were attempts to popularize “mamatey” (cross my heart and hope to die), but it didn’t catch up. Too morbid, perhaps.

Same with “papey” (papa) and “mamey” (mama). Erpat and ermat remain more acceptable.

WORLDWIDE – The popularity of “selfie” – photographing oneself with cellphone or smartphone or webcam, remains popular worldwide. Think of all those celebities who “selfied” – if there’s such a word.

Pope Francis, President Obama, Beyonce, Jonas Brothers, Miss International Bea Rose Santiago (twice with President Aquino, in tokyo and then in Malacanang.

Not to forget Justin Bieber, loved by Filipinos, Bielebers all.

With his shirt off and pants falling to “dangerous level,” showing his undies, Justin loves to “selfie,” which the whole world enjoys looking at – amused.

ANNOYING – But then not all are amused by the word “selfie.”

A Michigan university listed it as the most annoying word. “It’s a lame word. It’s all about me,” wrote David Kriege. “Put the smartphone away. Nobody cares about you.”

More annoying words: “Twerking,” “hashtag,” “Mr. Mom.”

No matter, selfie is here to stay.