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My wish list for Manila

Tia Dely and Papa Jack

JUST A THOUGHT: “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” – Mark Twain

2014 WISH LIST FOR MANILA: Sometime ago, I asked a bunch of college students what they thought of Manila (all right, make that Metro Manila’s 15 cities) as their place of study or residence. Here are some of their comments, observations, and suggestions:

“We should plant more trees, flowers and shrubs, around the city. Develop more pocket gardens and mini-parks.”

“Pedestrian overpasses should be rid of vendors, who have overtaken them. They pose a threat to people’s safety.”

“It is the same way with underpasses, especially those in Quiapo and in front of Manila City Hall.

They are unkempt, unventilated, and are generally risky.”

“Many parts of Manila are not well-lighted .” “Tons of garbage have piled up along Recto Avenue and around Divisoria.”

“Please restore Manila landmarks such as the old buildings along Escolta and the Metropolitan Theater.”

“Develop Intramuros as a tourist destination, free of encumbrances like squatter colonies that make it a security risk. Intramuros can be the city’s Eastwood or Rockwell rendered with a touch of history.”

“Provide a separate area for sidewalk vendors.”

“No more plastic bags. Rid Manila of vagrants sleeping on the streets.”

“Clean water drinking stations in public areas like parks.”

“Unclean buses and jeepneys manned by drivers who are just as unclean-looking .”

“Cleaner public markets.”

“Public places need waste disposal facilities, like garbage bins.”

“More street sweepers to keep our cities clean.”

TRUE LOVE CONVERSATIONS: Tia Dely, the quintessential love adviser in Philippine radio from the 1950s onwards, is back in the person of a popular male OJ.

Her worthy successor is Papa Jack, whose newly launched program, “True Love Conversations,” is a hit with radio listeners, from the most in love to the least love-struck.

Papa Jack’s romantic program airs on 90.7 Love Radio and 101.1 Yes FM nightly and everyday from Monday to Friday, 1 to 2 p.m.