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Rhian savors ‘happy breakup’ with KC


RHIAN Ramos would want to keep KC Montero for life that’s why they have decided to remain friends despite calling it quits about a month ago.

The former couple has been together for a year and nine months, according to a report aired on “Unang Hirit,” Wednesday, adding that the split happened first week of November.

The “Genesis” actress described her breakup with the radio-TV host as a happy and good one.

“KC is such a good person. Parang there’s no reason to be upset. I’m happy to still have him around… If there is such a thing, then it’s a good breakup. If there’s such a thing as a good breakup, then I have one,” Rhian told PEP in a separate interview.

Explaining why she remains good friends with KC, the 23-year-old Kapuso star said, “It’s really…. we’re good enough as friends, and sometimes, even if you go through something difficult or as weird as a breakup, ang worth it talaga, ’yung person. You’re gonna really keep the man in your life. That’s why I see him. I wanna keep him in my life, so that’s why we’re still okay.”

Although she didn’t divulge the reason behind the split, Rhian stressed that it was a mutual decision.

“We both naman agreed on it and there’s no bad blood between us, then no one should worry,” she added.

Regardless of their current status, Rhian admits still seeing KC “by choice” and that they are still “updated naman on each other’s whereabouts and what we’re into,” dismissing the “sawa” factor.

While the idea of a possible reconciliation seem farthest from her mind, Rhian’s door remains open, noting that KC “always has a special place in my life and my heart.”

She elaborated, “Sometimes kasi, the people that you really wanna keep in your life, you just make sure they’re there. And you don’t let anything – like a relationship or maybe a failed relationship – you don’t like that kind of thing to affect you. Because the people naman that you take to your old age are your friends. And that’s what I want him to be, I wanted a friend. I want him to be a friend that I can have around for a lifetime.”

That said, Rhian is not about to entertain new suitors just yet. “I wanna fly solo for a while. Parang, I just wanna be able to take the next bit of time to discover myself and be good to me and, wala, just grow up by myself.” (Jecelyn V. Macahindog/mb.com.ph)