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Top 10 K-pop songs of 2013

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Billboard magazine announced its 2013 Year-End Charts list, which includes the year’s top artists and songs.

For the K-pop Hot 100 chart, Billboard chose SISTAR19′s “Gone Not Around Any Longer” as the No. 1 K-pop song of 2013.

SISTAR19, composed of Hyorin and Bora, is the subunit of girl group SISTAR. The subgroup released “Gone Not Around Any Longer” last January and it quickly topped all music charts in Korea and achieved a “perfect all-kill.”

The song also rose to No. 1 on Billboard’s K-pop Hot 100 chart.

While Psy’s “Gangnam Style” dominated K-pop last year, Billboard noted that “most Korean artists didn’t succumb to copying to hit the top of the charts; opting for alternate routes to land themselves among 2013′s top K-Pop Hot 100 entries.”

In its “The Year in K-pop” article, Billboard said Girls’ Generation’s “I Got A Boy” became the year’s first new No. 1 on the K-pop chart.

SISTAR19′s “Gone Not Around Any Longer” has the distinction of holding the longest run on the K-pop Hot 100 chart.

“While the genre mashing in ‘I Got a Boy’ was smoothed over with peppy, oh-so-catchy hooks, other acts found success going darker: SISTAR19′s melancholic ‘Gone Not Around Any Longer’ held the year’s longest run for K-Pop No. 1 with four weeks at the top – and now it takes its place as the K-Pop Hot 100′s top song of 2013,” according to the Billboard article.

Taking the No. 2 spot on the year-end K-pop Hot 100 chart is “Bounce” by veteran singer Cho Yong Pil while Lee Seung Chul’s “My Love” is No. 3.

Hip hop group Baechigi’s “Shower of Tears” which featured Ailee is No. 4 and Davichi’s “Turtle” is No. 5.

4Minute’s “What’s Your Name?,” the title track of the group’s fourth mini-album “Name is 4Minute,” is No. 6.

Roy Kim took the seventh spot with “Bom Bom Bom” and SISTAR’s “Give It To Me” is No. 8. SISTAR is the only K-pop artist that has two songs in the year-end chart.

Crayon Pop’s viral song “Bar Bar Bar” is No. 9 despite that the girl group didn’t have any smash hit before the release of the track.

Billboard noted, “The rookie girl group hadn’t even charted on the K-Pop Hot 100 with prior singles, but ‘Bar Bar Bar,’ with its quirky video, fun dance and catchy hook, sent the track on a slow, six-week rise to the top during the year.”

Huh Gak’s “Monodrama” placed at No. 10. (Jonathan M. Hicap/