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Vi commissioned as PAF reservist

VILMA Santos Recto

SHE may have already suited up for a number of roles as a heroine over the years. But none of them are for real… until Tuesday. Batangas Gov. Vilma Santos-Recto has been commissioned as a reservist of the Philippine Air Force (PAF), another feat on her already sterling personal career that started as a child star.

And she is no ordinary Air Force personnel as Santos-Recto now holds the rank of Lieutenant Colonel which is considered a middle rank in the military, according to Col. Miguel Okol, PAF spokesman.

“The donning of the ranks and oath-taking was on Tuesday morning at the San Fernando Air base in Lipa City,” said Okol.

As a military reservist, Okol said Ate Vi, as her fans fondly calls her, is expected to fight alongside with regular troops
if the country is under threat of invasion or serious national security threat from enemies of the State.

“In the event of war, invasion or rebellion, the reservists shall be tapped through the process of mobilization to meet threats to national security,” a military document provided by the military read.

The reserve forces, it said, “shall be utilized to provide service support and base defense and provide combat forces as the need arises.”

In peacetime, however, Okol said Santos is expected to render service in pursuing “socio-economic development activities, maintenance of local peace and order, delivery of health services and environmental protection.”

The duties and responsibilities of the reservists, according to Okol are as follows:

1. To answer promptly to the call for mobilization, training and active duty.
2. To know and remember at all times his reserve unit assignment and mobilization/assembly center.
3. To notify the administering unit in case of change of permanent residence.
4. To answer promptly all letters emanating from the AFP authorities.
5. To register every three (3) years at the Local Civil Registrar pursuant to PD 887
6. To be ready to assume his post as the country needs him.

Okol said no less than the Air Force vice-commanding general, Maj. Gen. Gabriel Dimatatac, welcomed Santos, whose real name is Rosa Vilma T. Santos-Recto.

Aside from Santos-Recto, also commissioned was Batangas Vice Gov. Jose Antonio “Mark” Leviste II who now holds the rank major in the PAF Reserve Command.

Clad in regular Air Force uniform, Okol said both Santos and Leviste were proud of their military ranks, even singing the Air Force hymn.

Santos-Recto, known as the Star for Season in local showbiz industry, is the recent addition in the list of prominent military reservists, among them are boxing icon Manny Pacquiao who now holds the rank of lieutenant colonel in Army reservist force and former Defense Secretary and presidential bet Gilbert Teodoro. (Aaron Recuenco)