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LJ Reyes: ‘Napagod na ang puso ko’

LJ Reyes

by Ronald Constantino

TIRED HEART – “Napagod na ang puso ko.”

Those words, coming from LJ Reyes, say it all.

She got tired of waiting and hoping for Paulo Avelino to say that he was ready to be a family man, to tell the whole world that – or at least admit – that he was living-in with U and that three-year-old Aki was their love child.

Of course, LJ was expecting Paulo to eventually marry her – but in vain.

And so LJ decided to break up with Paulo quietly. She remained mum about it for months. That is until Paulo himself said he was dating KC Concepcion and that, yes, he was “single” again.

PROTECTING AKI – Recently, LJ Reyes had an “issue” with some members of the entertainment press, who, she felt, were making it appear she had no time for Aki. That she was, in effect, a negligent mother.

LJ said she didn’t mean to offend the press, but she was only protecting her son from the glare of media. Someday the boy might read or watch on TV articles and film clips insinuating she was a “bad mother.”

“I don’t want him to get hurt … I’ll do everything to protect him,” says U.

Writers should understand and respect LJ’s feelings as a mother.

CAREER TO PROTECT – She understands why Paulo, for the longest time, was evasive about her and Aki.

He has a career to protect ever since making it big as an ABS-CBN talent. Paulo used to be with GMA, U’s home studio, where she currently plays a contravida role in the soap “Prinsesa ng Buhay Ko.”

Paulo was advised to steer clear from U and Aki.

CAREER – LJ is giving her heart a rest and is concentrating on career, “Gusto ko magtrabaho nang magtrabaho.” She is a single parent, after all.

But LJ hastened to add that Paulo isn’t remiss in his obligations to their son.

She’s a good actress, with an award from Cinemalaya. Surely, God will give her good assignments.

And LJ can only get better, the heartbreak making her a more mature actress. As a line from the song goes, “Without a hurt the heart is hollow.”

Perhaps, GMA could give U a soap titled “Separada.”

Look at Gina Alajar, Cherie Gil, Vina Morales, Andi Eigenmann – “separadas” all, but not “bitteratas.”

Carry on, LJ! Give your heart a rest, but not your zest for life.