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Luis scoffs at critics’ contradictory claims

Luis Manzano

by NR Ramos

Luis Manzano finds it quite laughable that some people seemingly can’t make up their mind about his relationship with actress Jennylyn Mercado.

According to the actor-game show host, it’s either they want them to split up or they want them to tie the knot already.

Just recently, wags alleged – again – that the two have called it quits.

Asked about the issue, the bewildered Manzano responded in an report with a sarcastic: “Kasal na nga daw kami, hindi ba?”

He also added, “’Yung break na ‘yan, six months ago (pa ‘yan).”

Manzano also laments that he himself gets the same treatment from critics: There are those that describe him as a homosexual, and others who say he’s a ladies’ man.

“I guess ‘yung mga nagsasabi na gay ako at babaero ako, dapat sila sa huli paguuntugin ko, hindi ba? Para iisa na lang ang (sasabihin nila),” he said.

Not that he worries much about it, maintaining that he’d rather focus on work than waste time explaining his side.

If anything, Manzano readily defends Mercado from accusations that she has been allegedly asking far too much money from ex-partner Patrick Garcia to support their love child, Alex Jazz.

“I know Jen, I know how much money she makes kahit paano. I don’t know the exact figures, but I know she’s very blessed, and Jen is not the type na isip-pera… Alam ko she’s very smart with her finances, hindi siya mukhang pera at all,” Manzano said.

Still, he was quick to hold back in commenting further, explaining, “Respeto ko ‘yon sa kanya (Mercado), her family, kahit kay Pat (Garcia) rin.”

He added, “Siyempre I can’t meddle with anything… dahil sa kanila ‘yon and I respect that.”