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Hollywood posts record summer box office

Hollywood has posted a record level of summer box office income despite suffering some of the biggest money-losing flops in film history.

According to figures posted over the Labour Day weekend, film fans splashed out more than 4.7 billion dollars at the domestic box office over the summer – just over 10 per cent more than the film receipts of summer 2012. While some of the bump came from higher ticket prices, attendance was up 6.6 per cent to 527 million according to industry website Hollywood.com.

The success of blockbusters such as Iron Man 3, which took in over 400 million dollars, helped overcome the disastrous performance of other big budget movies such as The Lone Ranger, After Earth and White House Down, which arrived in US cinemas with a a giant thud.

The number of low budget movies made for less than 30 million dollars and that grossed more than 90 million dollars increased from two last year to five this summer. These included horror films The Purge, which cost just 2 million dollars to make and brought in 85 million dollars, and The Conjuring, a 20-million-dollar film that made 240 million dollars worldwide. (dpa)