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The ladies who captured Gerald’s heart

Bea Alonzo, Maja Salvador, Sarah Geronimo and Kim Chiu

by Michael Joe T. Delizo

Since entering the “Pinoy Big Brother” house, Gerald Anderson has always been linked to women, especially colleagues whose independence he admires and ones he’d like to “put (a) smile on.”

On “Headstart,” Gerald recounted the time he had with some of them:

Kim Chiu
Looking back on their four-year relationship, Gerald said he had “amazing moments and memories (na) habang buhay na” with her.

He stressed that all the things people saw in them were true, noting that “PBB” is “not a talent show, it’s a reality show.”

The actor said that they split because they chose to prioritize their craft and career.

“It was hard siyempre. You have to understand the fans also. They supported us nu’ng nag-start kami, we gave them inspiration as a love team couple, ‘di ba? So, it was hard talaga. But I think, it was at the same time that I wanted to be a good actor so I really focus on my craft,” he said.

Asked if they are on speaking terms, he said, “Yeah, yeah. Hi, hello.”

Maja Salvador
Gerald has only one word for Maja – “beautiful.”

Without elaborating, the actor said he’s enjoying his feelings for her.

“Ang sarap (niyang) kasama kasi we don’t even have to talk about our work…‘yun ang pinaka-ayoko e. ‘Pag ‘yung quality time, you wanna talk about each other or personal life. That’s a quality I like,” he said.

On being central to the rift of erstwhile best friends, Gerald admitted, “It’s hard. It’s not something na you should be proud of kasi it’s feelings eh, it’s very sensitive but its mahirap siya talaga.”

Sarah Geronimo
Many deem Sarah’s parents “strict” but Gerald understands that they want to protect their daughter.

The two were romantically linked in the past but Sarah’s mom, Mommy Divine, allegedly stemmed the brewing romance.

For Gerald, spending time with the Pop Star Princess was like living out a movie.

“Every day with her was like a movie, parang lagi kang kinikilig. I don’t wanna say anymore,” he shared curtly.

Bea Alonzo
Gerald described his brief relationship with Bea a “whirlwind.” The two became an item shortly after he broke up with Kim.

“It’s short but amazing naman. I learned a lot also,” he said.

During their romance, Gerald admitted that he went “through a lot” as a newbie actor, which inadvertently caused their split.