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Young actors play with fire

JUST A THOUGHT: “I should be content to look at a mountain for what it is and not as a comment on my life.” — David Ignatow

Jeric Gonzales and Thea Tolentino***
HUWAG KAYONG MAGLARO NG APOY: As children, our parents never failed to warn us this. It is the same now, especially in the light of a new afternoon show called “Pyra, Babaeng Apoy,” set to premiere on GMA on Aug. 26.

Asked to give their respective pieces of advice to their younger co-actors on the series, senior stars Janno Gibbs, Gladys Reyes, and Roxanne Guinoo preferred to lace their statements with gentle reminders about good manners and right conduct as the entertainment industry observes it.

I half-expected one of them to say, “Huwag kayong maglaro ng apoy.” Read that as a warning not to be reckless in their flirtations.

The crispiest line, of course, came from Janno, who said: “Huwag kayong male-late sa taping.” The singer-actor, so many pounds heavier and playing a gay entertainer-mentor this time, is famous for his late appearances.

* * *
SEEN AND HEARD: In the same “Pyra” media event held at the GMA headquarters in QC, we learn that network is launching more new stars in the next TV season.

Thea Tolentino and Jeric Gonzales, winners of 2012’s “Protégé” search, get the build-up treatment as the leads in “Pyra,” the story of a girl whose one look alone can spark fire in the neighbourhood. Pyrokinesis is the ability of a person to project fire from their mind or to simply think it to being.

Thea and Jeric said they’re looking forward to keeping the flames of their stars ablaze.

In the same “Pyra” event, a reporter quipped, “They could have titled the series, ‘Fiera,’ too, or ‘Fiery’.”

Gladys Reyes, playing a meanie as usual, said: I never get tired pushing people around, hurting them, making them cry.”

Her husband, Christopher Rojas, who’s also cast in “Pyra,” let out a slip, when asked by the irreverent Jun Nardo, the life of every presscon, whether or not Gladys gets to bring home her contravida character and works it up on him. Rojas said, matter of fact: “Minsan, may mga gusto ako, pero siya din ang nasusunod.”

The line drew the loudest laughter from media persons, who are usually looking out for entertaining sound bytes during presscons such as this one for “Pyra,” directed by Roderick Lindayag.

BY THE WAY: Doris Bigornia is to ABS-CBN as Susan Enriquez is to GMA. Both excellent reporters are hits with the masses, but Doris is their mutya. Incidentally, Susan returns to”Unang Hint” after a long vacation starting today, Aug. 26.